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A little about me and my history in the hobby
 I have been a model railroader since I was a very young boy. As many others in the hobby, I started out with my Father and a loop of Lionel trains going around the Christmas tree when I was a kid. I have been hooked ever since. When I was 13  I started to think about a permanent layout. With limited space I realized that O scale was going to be difficult to do much with so I started my first HO layout (we still always had the Lionel trains at Christmas). After about a half dozen or so layouts I was getting frustrated with the operations in such a small space and the call of the emerging N Scale was beckoning. I tried a small N Scale layout, but at the time (early 70's) the available N Scale equipment proved to be a challenge to keep running reliably. I went back to HO for a little while, but the potential that I saw for operations and a more realistic scenery to track ratio in that little N Scale layout had sown the seeds. It only took a few years for the model manufacturers to also see the potential of the N scale market. Once a little competition started in that market, the quality of the equipment started to increase by leaps and bounds and I gave it another try and have never looked back.

This site is just starting and as my time allows I hope to add much more to it, including construction and kitbashing ideas, how to's and any other info that I feel could be of use to other modelers. The design is undergoing constant change as I am just learning HTML and CSS and am experimenting with different ideas and settings. I welcome any ideas, feedback or bug reports.